Yaroslav Mudry International Educational Foundation was registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine in 1994. It has branches in 12 countries and extensive experience of cooperation with the leading higher educational institutions of Ukraine, among which are Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University, Institute of International Relations, Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine, Institute of Journalism, Kiev Polytechnic Institute, Vadym Hetman Kiev National Economic University, Kyiv Trade and Economic University, Kiev Linguistic University, Ukrainian State University of Finance and International Trade, O.Bohomolets Medical University and other higher institutions of Ukraine. The Foundation is a member of the community council of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

    One of the Foundation’s programs – EDUCATION IN UKRAINE

    The program aims to help non-Ukrainian citizens to acquire European education at bachelor’s and master’s levels as well as a doctoral degree.
    Higher education in Ukraine has a long history and is highly valued in the world. Many outstanding researchers have graduated from Ukrainian educational institutions, such as a space designer Sergei Korolev, aircraft designer, inventor of the world’s first helicopter, Igor Sikorsky, Russian writer Isaac Babel, and others.
    In May 2005 Ukraine became a full member of the Bologna process and an active participant of a common European space for higher education. Ukrainian diplomas are recognized in many countries, including Russia, China, India, Egypt and other countries. Diploma of the Kiev Medical University is recognized not only in the above named countries but also across Europe. These universities offer three languages of instruction: Ukrainian, Russian and English at the student’s discretion. English and Russian are the languages of instruction in the National Polytechnic Institute of Ukraine and other universities.
    In addition, several of the above named educational institutions of Ukraine have joint agreements with the educational institutions of France, Britain, Germany, Austria, USA, which allows them to send their students after the third year of educational process to leave for training in these countries and get a second diploma of the European model, recognized by the most of the world. This means that during the five years of study a student can get 2 bachelor’s degree (Ukrainian and one from another European country) and 2 master’s degrees. This also gives you an opportunity to learn one of the European languages.
    Alongside with the high level of teaching, the cost of education in prestigious universities in Ukraine is considerably lower than in similar schools in Moscow.
    Liberal government policies regarding education of foreign nationals, perfect conditions for learning in the historic city of Kiev will help you make the final decision for the European education in Ukraine.
    With all questions on the program “Education in Ukraine”, please contact:

    Ukraine, Kyiv, M.Prymachenko blvd, 6A, 01042.

    Tel: +380442861021, +380442847272,


    e-mail: fund@fundym.org.ua

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